360 Bitcoin Accelerator

Free BTC Transaction Accelerator Service

Speed up your unconfirmed Bitcoin transaction for FREE! Our accelerator will improve the confirmation time of any BTC transaction.

If our service speeds up your transaction consider sending us a tip (bitcoin: 1AzAoWTnst3Nhsx2MKLDApTvJiZ9JqHcdg), Thanks!

What is a Bitcoin Accelerator and How Does it work?

The 360 Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator speeds up confirmation times of Bitcoin transactions. Usually, a Bitcoin (BTC) transaction needs 3 confirmations before the receiver treats it as "official". This is how the Bitcoin network prevents coins from being spent twice.

Our app helps get unconfirmed transactions confirmed quicker by re-broadcasting them to the bitcoin network. By re-broadcasting the TXID its more likely to get picked up by miners and become part of the blockchain.

When to use our free Bitcoin transaction acceleration service?

The Bitcoin network suffers from frequent congestion due to it Bitcoins increasing popularity. When busy, it's not uncommon for a transaction to take 12 hours or more to get confirmed.

If you experience a BTC transaction remaining unconfirmed for long periods of time, our acceleration service may be helpful. Use it anytime your transaction has been unconfirmed for an extended period. Usually, If it’s been over 60 minutes your transaction is taking to long to confirm.

Why use our Transaction Accelerator?

How to Get a Transaction Confirmation Faster?

Tips to Prevent Unconfirmed Bitcoin Transactions?

  1. Always try to use a recommended transaction fee.
  2. If the recommended TX fee is higher than you want to pay try waiting until the bitcoin network is less busy to send your coins.