The following is a review of Auricoin's Initial Coin Offering of the "AURICOIN" token. Get information about the Auricoin ICO including; start date, end date, financial information, whitepaper, team profile and other important information regarding this new token.

Innitial Coin Offering (ICO) Information

ICO NameAuricoin
Start DateNovember 23, 2018
End DateMarch 20, 2019

AURIcoin is a cryptocurrency that starts the new world economic order, and looks forward to correct the inefficiency in regards to the granting of credit. 

#AURICOIN the single currency provides new opportunities derived from the integration and scale of the world's economy, which increases the efficiency of a single market.

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How will the benefits of Auricoin manifest?

The first evidence will be the increase in the volume of employment with remunerations that improve the quality of work and increase the well-being of people.

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#Financing is a determining factor for the existence, subsistence and growth of the vast majority of small companies. In #AURICOIN you have the opportunity to get the financial support you need. 
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#AURICOIN grants credits with its #cryptocurrency AURICOIN (RIC). From: 11.25 AURICOIN (RIC) to NO LIMIT, the limit is set by you. What is equivalent in US dollars to $ 10,000.00 USD to $ 1000000000 ... USD.
#blockchain #crypto

You have control over your own path to #success, and the flexibility to set your own schedule based on your needs. But the true power of the Opportunity resides in being able to win by the results of your team, not only by your personal effort.
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To be informed of AURICOIN visit our blog and follow us on our social networks #AURICOIN #blockchain #criptomoneda #cripto

Visit our website where you can find out more about the AURICOIN cryptocurrency and our financial services. #AURICOIN #blockchain # cryptocurrency #crypto

For an industrial project to create #economic value, it is required that it has the necessary elements to exploit a competitive advantage. For this purpose, it will be useful to take into account the #financing of industrial projects granted by #AURICOIN.
#blockchain #crypto

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Price888.8800 USD Sale86,780 Payment ModeETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, BCH, ETC, BTG, Fiat
Minimum Investment11 USD Distribution60% Raised$80,000,000
Soft Cap40,000,000 USD Hard Cap80,000,000 USD

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