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Innitial Coin Offering (ICO) Information

ICO NameBitCanna
Start DateNovember 15, 2018
End DateJune 30, 2019
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The global cannabis industry has been inhibited by regulatory restrictions for most of recent history, but the legal market has emerged rapidly as more governments legalize medical and recreational use. In Europe, using/selling small amounts of cannabis is not legal but tolerated in Spain, The Netherlands, and Switzerland. Due to the ‘shady’ image of the business, most banks, credit card companies, and payment providers won’t handle the money generated by the cannabis industry, even in places where it is completely legal. This leads to inefficient solutions such as cash transactions, which only add to the shady image of the industry. To address this problem, BitCanna will provide a decentralized payment network for the legal cannabis industry, by means of the BitCanna Coin (BCNA). Customers can use the BCNA to make purchases in both online and brick & mortar dispensaries, solving the current payment problems for the industry.

First we will deliver the #BCNA online applications! As soon as the #Bitcanna network has enough trading volume we will finish the offline terminals for retail! #Bitcanna the future of cannabis payments

Earliest evidence for cannabis smoking discovered in ancient tombs. Traces of potent pot were identified in 2,500-year-old wooden artifacts buried with people who lived along the Silk Road in China. #BCNA #Bitcanna

We can’t wait to finally start accepting #Bitcanna payments!

We are now in the final phase of our Initial Coin Offering. If you don’t want to miss out, you can still register for our ICO here: We want to thank all our investors for all the support so far. Now it’s time to deliver! #bitcanna #BCNA

Life is a balance of fear and overcoming it! 💪🏼 #mondaymotivation #justtry #cbdoil

15 Days and 13 Hours until our #ICO comes to an end. Working overtime with the team in the final weeks before the #Launch to deliver on our promises as soon as possible. #Testnet #Mainnet #Blockchain #Crypto #BCNA

Our public testing-phase has successfully come to an end! ✔️ Thank you for participating. Also, our newsletter has been sent including some important information, check your inboxes! #Newsletter #Testing #Testnet #BitCanna #BCNA #Alliance #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency

The bonus coins for May have been distributed! This was the last month that you were able to receive bonus coins. Thank you all for participating!
#BitCanna #Alliance #Bonus #Coins #ICO #Investing #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain

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Price1 BCNA = 0.12 USD Sale252,000,000 Payment ModeN/A
Minimum Investment25 USD Distribution60% RaisedN/A
Soft Cap3,000,000 USD Hard Cap20,000,000 USD

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