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Innitial Coin Offering (ICO) Information

ICO NameBitDegree
Start DateMay 01, 2019
End DateMay 31, 2019
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The conventional centralized higher education system takes 4-6 years to educate a person and there is no guarantee of employment afterwards. We believe that the digital industry today lacks workforce because higher education institutions are not responding to the needs of actual labor market. Most of the skills needed by the digital industry don’t even require a degree in higher education. Workforce that has practical digital economy skills and willingness to learn is needed. That is why today more and more tech-savvy teens get freelancing jobs and earn more than their parents do.

Co-founder, CEO
Head of Engineering
Major Advisor, Serial Entrepreneur, co-founder of EA

A new project has landed in #BitDegree! Students around the globe can apply for incentive #scholarships on our platform. Come check it out!

If you have a yen to become a #UXDesigner and amaze users with how they can experience specific platforms… and make a lot of money doing it as a job, here’s your starting point!

Muhammad Ali once said, “It’s not bragging if you can back it up.” So we’re using the “right” to tell you what we’ve been good at lately for the sake of your better experience on #BitDegree. Read on 😉

What do you think motivates online learners to complete courses that they enroll? Compare your intuitive answers with data from our study!

What do you call a smart solution to engage people more into learning digital skills? The one that's coming to #WSA2019 awards as the winning national nominee from Lithuania? It's BitDegree!

Dima Kovalchuk, the #InCrypto co-founder, says you should keep an eye on #Bitdegree – a promising game changer in the field of modern #education. Check out his insights!

Let’s have a quick overview of the steps we made for the sake of smile on your face when you learn skills for your career!

Help us get your online learning to new heights! Participate in an anonymous survey and contribute to an important research.

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Price0.08 USD Sale336,600,000 Payment ModeETH
Minimum InvestmentN/A Distribution51% Raised$22,500,000
Soft Cap16,000 ETH Hard Cap30,000 ETH

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