The following is a review of Craider's Initial Coin Offering of the "RAID" token. Get information about the Craider ICO including; start date, end date, financial information, whitepaper, team profile and other important information regarding this new token.

Innitial Coin Offering (ICO) Information

ICO NameCraider
Start DateTBA
End DateTBA
ICO Time
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Craider is a digital asset trading platform with a strong focus on user experience, knowledge sharing and social trading. Craider was built for ease of use, superior functionality, and advanced security. The platform is designed for both seasoned and entry-level investors, enabling everyone access to the lucrative digital assets market with reduced risk. For experienced traders, we offer an exclusive array of value-added features on a subscription-basis.

With Craider, you can:
- Trade, store and exchange on multiple digital asset exchanges from a mobile device or desktop
- Receive and implement strategies to agiley react to events in the market
- Transfer and exchange digital assets to fiat currencies and traditional assets (coming soon)

This white paper explores the significant challenges and trends impacting the financial industry and describes a unique approach to unlock the immense value of digital assets resulting from this new economic paradigm.

Craider serves all types of users, from novice traders, investors and digital asset enthusiasts, to active day traders. Created for traders, by traders, Craider was developed to help investors become and stay competitive while reducing time spent gathering and analyzing market data, browsing news sources, managing multiple accounts, and missing out on potential gains. The backbone of the Craider ecosystem is the RAID Token based off of the ERC20 standard. The RAID Token is a utility token used to cover trading fees, compensate traders/investors for their successful strategies, reward content contributors and access advanced features of the Craider platform. Fundraising and the sale of RAID Tokens will finance platform development and marketing so the Craider team can devote their full focus on simplifying the digital asset ecosystem and democratizing the benefits that come from it for all users of platform.

Head of Communications

Happy New Year! Unfortunately the Craider bot will be offline for the next 7 days. A planned maintenance and system update check triggered earlier due to the new year. We're working on it!

In this day and age, we have to stay vigilant on the internet concerning our #security and private #data. We have written an article addressing the security of using #API keys on our #Craider #bot, what it can see and do, and what it can NOT see and do.

Thank you for the thorough review @ExcitingWorld32 !

Had a little issue with #Youtube taking down the #API tutorial, but it's back online!

Please make sure to read our #tutorial on how to find your API keys for #Binance, #Kraken, #Poloniex and #Coinbase:

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Wondering how the weekly #profit is calculated? This #Medium post goes in-depth with the answer!
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PriceN/A Sale990,000,000 Payment ModeBTC, ETH, NEO
Minimum Investment0.2 ETH Distribution66% RaisedN/A
Soft CapN/A Hard Cap50,000,000 USD

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