The following is a review of Crowd Machine's Initial Coin Offering of the "CMCT" token. Get information about the Crowd Machine ICO including; start date, end date, financial information, whitepaper, team profile and other important information regarding this new token.

Innitial Coin Offering (ICO) Information

ICO NameCrowd Machine
Start DateApril 28, 2018
End DateMay 22, 2019
CountryCayman Islands
4 Months ago

Crowd Machine is creating the Crowd Computer, a global decentralized app execution engine. It has been designed to execute blockchain smart contracts and decentralized apps that meet any requirement. 

Founder & CEO

Crowd Machine GO allows you to preserve legacy stability, while adding agility and functionality with tailored applications that automate and simplify your daily workload. Download the exclusive Crowd Machine GO Info Pack and see how it works!

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Download the exclusive Crowd Machine GO Whitepaper! GO provides a powerful no-code visualization, data exploration, and management platform for IT and the enterprise business line. Don't miss out on seeing how this can benefit your company.

No-Code development platforms are visually integrated 'dev' environments allowing users to drag & drop components they wish to include in their app, connect them in a logical order & launch a mobile/web app.
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Pricemarket-determined Sale2,000,000,000 Payment ModeETH
Minimum Investment0.1 ETH Distribution80% RaisedN/A
Soft Cap200 000 000 USD Hard CapN/A

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