The following is a review of DeepCloud's Initial Coin Offering of the "DEEP" token. Get information about the DeepCloud ICO including; start date, end date, financial information, whitepaper, team profile and other important information regarding this new token.

Innitial Coin Offering (ICO) Information

ICO NameDeepCloud
Start DateMarch 01, 2019
End DateApril 15, 2019

DeepCloud AI has established partnerships spanning the globe. Some of DeepCloud AI’s list of enterprise partners include Eurochannel, Grupo Uniradio, and the University of North Carolina, Charlotte.

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Principal AI/Cloud Architect

Have you heard about #DeepSign? Similar to #DocuSign, but think decentralized, immutable, transparent, and trust less. #IoT #CloudComputing #Blockchain #AI

#AI has found its way to retail stores like #Walmart and #Target that uses stock-monitoring robots to identify when a shelf needs more products. Now AI can generate their own original images that look amazing.

#DeepCloudAI uses AI driven optimization. Our matchmaking algorithm allocates resources for computation requests in the most optimal way. Our algorithm is based on several parameters including: info from network user requests, location of usage, and more.

For the first time, the #Masters used #AI to capture every shot to produce a three-minute highlight video almost instantly after each round with #IBMWatson. Not only that, each shot measured the Crowd Roar, Player Gestures, and more.

Our very own #CTO, Geeta Chauhan gave a presentation about the convergence of AI and Blockchain to students of Draper University. We hope everyone learned a few ways that they can incorporate AI into their future business ventures.

Meet Maged Eljazzar, our Head of AI/ML Engineering! He's garnered 5 years of experience in AI and blockchain development with concentrations in Machine Learning and distributed systems. #MachineLearning #AI #blockchain

In this article, we dive into the Internet of Foods (#IoF) with how smart agriculture is developing and revolutionizing agriculture, one plant at a time.

In Q3 2019, #DeepCloud_AI plans to expand system resiliency to support enterprise customers. Test applications will be developed and showcased for #Enterprises customers for #IoT space to demonstrate the capabilities of DeepCloud AI. #AI #CloudComputing #Blockchain #ICO #Crypto

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Price0.2500 USDSale80,000,000Payment ModeETH
Minimum InvestmentN/ADistribution40%RaisedN/A
Soft Cap8000000 USDHard Cap15000000 USD

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