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Innitial Coin Offering (ICO) Information

Start DateDecember 24, 2019
End DateDecember 25, 2020
in 9 Months

We want to build a Blockchain based platform that will allow to create modern PAMM accounts in the cryptocurrency space. To make it happen GEC will build a cloud-based software which connects cloud service that provide a web interface for all participants, blockchain based gateways to communicate with different types of blockchains and modern API to integrate third party providers.

Co-founder is a multi-exchange trading platform with PAMM accounts facility, where traders are ready to do all the hard work for YOU.

The Bounty system is neither an investment nor a financial program. It is a tool which supports the ICO of our project. In the Bounty system you can sign up for a purchase of the GEC token, which will be unblocked after the end of the ICO.
JOIN NOW! #GECO will develop a new type of MACRO programming language that will allow to write trading algorithms that can be described as simple buttons that have logic behind them. With use of it, administrator or manager will be able to build automatic trading systems.

Based on the gathered data and fast reaction system, will build first in the world system that will cover trading of the same assets on multiple exchanges.
#crypto #Geco will create a multi-wallet technology which will allow to create an account’s wallet on the nodes for selected cryptocurrencies and to manage them from the perspective of manager. will develop a Multi-Blockchain Accounts technology that will allow to build automated accounts which will be used to store and buy multiple types of cryptocurrencies.
#crypto #Geco

The details about the PAMM Smart Contract will be saved in form of an algorithm managed by the rules of Ethereum Blockchain. That means the commission, terms, tickets and dates will be saved in a contract which can be verified from the perspective of the investors. #GECOIN #SC

#Crypto #GECOIN

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Price0.0000 USDSale550,000,000Payment ModeN/A
Minimum InvestmentN/ADistribution65%RaisedN/A
Soft CapN/AHard CapN/A

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