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Innitial Coin Offering (ICO) Information

ICO NameLudos
Start DateDecember 15, 2018
End DateFebruary 15, 2019
4 Months ago
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The Ludos Protocol is a decentralized solution for game ecosystem. The protocol is mainly composed of three parts: Main chain + multi-sidechain infrastructure The Ludos main chain uses PoW+PoS as its consensus mechanism, and implements a Plasmalike multi-sidechain system to improve scalability. Games with many thousands of users can perform many complex operations on their own sidechain, with only minimal interaction with the Ludos main chain; Toolbox for game developers The toolbox contains: an abstract blockchain interface, game assets issuing/operation tool, a BaaS service for maintaining game sidechains, data persistence tool, fair pseudorandom number generator, etc.. DApps and incentivized game ecosystem The ecosystem includes: a decentralized game assets exchange, a game assets management wallet, a decentralized game distribution platform, a fair ranking and achievement system, a game DAICO and investment protocol and incentive rule
sets for all participants.


There are seven languages in Ludos’ weekly report between Jun 8th -Jun 14th
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Ludos Value Transmission Ecology Under The Value Interconnection Pattern
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There are seven languages in ludos' weekly report between Jun 1th -Jun 7th

I just published Ludos Makes Every Creator is a Genius

I just published Ludos was invited to attend Taipei Blockchain Gaming Ecology Seminar: We want to be the top in the…

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#ludos##LUD# Event of June 1st: Celebrate Children’s Day with Ludos together ,what an interesting event, more details please see the below:

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Minimum InvestmentN/A DistributionN/A RaisedN/A
Soft CapN/A Hard CapN/A

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