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Innitial Coin Offering (ICO) Information

ICO NameNeuronX (PreICO)
Start DateNovember 01, 2018
End DateFebruary 03, 2019

We have developed over 5 years of trading experience. Through the experiments, we’ve developed analytical cases and later our team shifted most part of experience to automated system because it can identify the patterns and meaningful signals. In the process of testing of AI we observed the high accuracy of forecasts. Our team carried out series of actions. We complicated the training datasets and have achieved more accuracy in the forecasts.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Co-founder
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Co-founder

Простая идея о том, что вместе мы заработаем больше, чем поодиночке, вдохновила нас на создание DSOF - децентрализованной платформы, которая аккумулирует прогнозы, созданные с помощью ИИ.

A simple idea that together we can make much more money has encouraged us to create a decentralized storage of forecasts (DSOF). This platform accumulates forecasts based on the artificial intelligence technologies.

Вы пробовали торговать на крпитовалютной бирже с помощью торговых ботов? Как вы думаете, почему нейронная сеть полезнее для трейдинга?

Have you ever traded on cryptoexchanges using the trading bots? To your mind, why is the neural network is more useful for trading?

Обучить нейросети делать прогнозы так же просто, как ребенку научиться ходить. Нужно пробовать, совершать ошибки и их оптимизировать. Это называется эволюция.

To learn the neural networks is as easy as to teach a child to walk. You should try, make mistakes and learn from them. That's what we call an evolution.

ФК «Армавир» подписал соглашение с международным проектом «NeuronX». Теперь компания станет официальным партнером нашего Клуба.

FC Armavir has signed an agreement with the “NeuronX” international project. Now the company has become the official partner of our Club.

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Price0.0000 USDSaleN/APayment ModeBTC, ETH, EOS
Minimum Investment1,000 USDDistribution70%RaisedUnknown2,014.73000000 BTC10,065.33994290 ETH632.26200000 LTC129.89000000 DASH
Soft CapN/AHard Cap20,000,000 USD

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