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Innitial Coin Offering (ICO) Information

ICO NameReger Diamond
Start DateSeptember 03, 2018
End DateDecember 31, 2018
CountryCzech Republic
2 Months ago

A platform for a safe way of doing business


Our sales channels
Reger Diamond is a company with a history of almost 10 years. Almost 10 years we sell diamond products and jewelry rather successfully. With the help of great specialists in the business sphere we grow and flourish, making more and more people happy.

As you already know, we will produce 3 types of diamond products:
📌 Diamond jewelry.
📌 NATURAL diamonds.
📌 HPHT diamonds.
Jewelry will be produced from own natural and acquired subsequently cut diamonds and NATURAL diamonds, their color refined with the use of HPHT technology.

As you already know, by this moment Reger Diamond already has 10 years of successful experience in the jewelry business.
If you want to know more about us, visit the official website:

To find out more about Reger Diamond, our project, and investment opportunities, check out and leading jewelry industry specialists and we want to use blockchain technology to bring new investment opportunities using our diamonds to back a new crypto.

They are a girl’s best friend. They are forever. They are diamonds. And it’s pretty hard to think of luxury and wealth without the image of them coming to mind. Lots of money is involved in the trade of this shiny solid form of carbon.

With the help of blockchain technology, a greater transparency of transactions can be ensured. It will create a platform that will provide a “single unalterable record” to track the individual path of the diamond along the value chain

Today we'd like to share other facts about us.
- Relationships with diamond suppliers from Brazil, Angola, and Guinea/
- Long-term cooperation with jewelry designers and manufacturers from Belgium, France, and Italy, India and Israel, Belgium, UAE.

What do you know about diamonds?

The first thing that comes to mind – this is a limited natural resource, which is mined and owned only by big companies.

World currencies had been supported by most valuable precious goods such as gold.

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Price1 RDC = 1 USDSale21,500,000Payment ModeETH, BTC, Fiat
Minimum Investment100 USDDistribution35%RaisedN/A
Soft Cap10,000,000 USDHard Cap21,500,000 USD

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