The following is a review of the SOMESING ICO issuing tokens with the symbol "SSX". ICO start date, end date, financial information, whitepaper, team and other important information.

Innitial Coin Offering (ICO) Information

Start DateFebruary 28, 2019
End DateMarch 30, 2019
in 1 Month

As the development of internet network and smart devices progresses, the Karaoke application has found the platform for the Karaoke market by providing easy access and availabilities to many countries, especially in which the Karaoke culture has not been initially present. Currently, many Karaoke application products have launched globally, and the number of users is estimated at around 500 million.

Communication Manager
Senior Designer

SOMESING 1st Meetup이 서울에서 개최합니다.

일시 : 2018년 11월 27일 (화) 18:30 ~ 21:00 까지
장소 : 잼투고 1층
모집 인원 : 200명
참가비 : 무료

자세한 정보는 아래 링크 확인해주세요.
[공식 블로그]

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Price0.0100 USDSale3,000,000,000Payment ModeICON
Minimum InvestmentN/ADistribution30%RaisedN/A
Soft Cap10000000 USDHard Cap30000000 USD

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