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ICO NameStarkware
Start DateTBA
End DateTBA
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Human dignity demands that personal information, like medical and forensic data, be hidden from the public. But veils of secrecy designed to preserve privacy may also be abused to cover up lies and deceit by institutions entrusted with Data, unjustly harming citizens and eroding trust in central institutions. Zero knowledge (ZK) proof systems are an ingenious cryptographic solution to this tension between the ideals of personal privacy and institutional integrity, enforcing the latter in a way that does not compromise the former.

Co-Founder Chief Scientist in the East
Co-Founder Chief Scientist in the West
Co-Founder CEO

@StarkWareLtd @ethereum After this, and lunch, the experts will start "kicking the tires" from now till Wednesday evening. Biting my nails to see which SFHs prevail their scrutiny

@StarkWareLtd @ethereum Now Prof. Jean-Charles Faugere is discussing algebraic cryptanalysis of SFH.

The STARK-friendly hash committee launched in Paris today. The committee, chaired by Prof. Anne Canteaut, is tasked with evaluating the hash function candidates and choosing the one we will submit to the @ethereum foundation as part of our grant deliverables.


First StarkWare SF Meetup! If you're in the Bay Area on Nov 25th, come hear about STARKs & the Cambrian explosion of ZKPs from our chief scientists: @EliBenSasson and Alessandro Chiesa, .

It's back! We've relaunched our monthly performance report, covering all happenings over the past month as well as what's in store for the future.

See what we've been doing with @StarkWareLtd, @b0xNet, @necdao and much more below!

STARK 101 now on github, for those who missed the live workshop in Tel-Aviv a few weeks ago - enjoy!

Watch our #devcon5 talk, "From Paper to Product", by @OrenKatz1:

The StarkWare Sessions 2019 videos are (finally) up! It's a good opportunity to say thank you again to all our speakers and attendees for helping make it a wonderful, insightful and successful event. Watch the talks here:

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