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Innitial Coin Offering (ICO) Information

ICO NameWinnest
Start DateNovember 15, 2018
End DateMarch 04, 2019
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WINNEST offers a revolutionary platform at the crossroads between collaborative economy and shared advertising.
Its ecosystem offers flexible solutions for consumers to access better offers and improve their buying power while interacting via a revolutionary economic dynamic based on multi-level social affiliation.

WINNEST is ahead of the game by offering an e-commerce platform directly integrating all the services necessary for its viability and growth, in the form of a social marketplace whose organization dynamizes flows thanks to its multi-level affiliation incentives. encouraging WNC transactions and the evolution of its network.

WINNEST is conceived as an alternative to intensively develop the visibility of content and promotes the speculation of WNC’s value by increasing the transactional flows of the platform.


In the form of a social marketplace using blockchain technology, WINNEST allows users to leverage the influence from their network collaboratively to optimize sales and purchases through a revolutionary MLA system that maximizes the visibility of content and user profiles.


1) WNC = Payment Solution: Transactions are made using our local currency, the WNC.
2) TWNC = ADS Financing Solution: Strong point of the Winnest platform, advertising tokens, are credits earned systematically during each contribution of a user to the network operations.

WINNEST opens lucrative channels by making a user ambassador and prescriber of products and visibilities:
By sharing publications on WINNEST networks or by sponsoring products and offers, influencer users are remunerated in TWNC, the WNC advertising Token.


WINNEST revolutionizes the way information is disseminated and offers the possibility of developing the visibility of a publication free of charge thanks to TWNC. These tokens are generated according to the E-reputation and importance of the user's network.
The WINNEST TWNC advertising token is used to develop the growth and notoriety of a user.

It can be used to sponsor a product, buy advertising space on an influencer’s profile, pay for content sharing or a new follower (Win by following), or to promote a user profile.

The synergy of the WINNEST concept makes it possible to intensively develop a network of followers:
Through its diverse ecosystem and hierarchical rank and mission system, WINNEST helps to build the buying power, image, influence, and activity of a user on the platform based on their participation.

Senior Software Engineer Advisor Blockchain & Smartcontract
Business Consultant and Full-stack developer Advisor Blockchain & Smartcontract
Business consultant Blockchain

La Winnest Coin, la crypto-monnaie qui intègre market place et publicité partagée en Afrique

Make sure you share your WINNEST AFFILIATE link. As an affiliate, you get the affiliate bonus of 5% of any tokens that your friends buy through your affiliate link. #Winnest #ICO #Crowdsale #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Token #ETH #Ethereum #TokenSale

Join Winnest official bounty campaign here and earn some token.#Winnest #ICO #Crowdsale #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Token #ETH #Ethereum #TokenSale

Winnest offers a global marketplace supported by a social economy that allows everyone to be rewarded for his contributions and have his visibility increased.

#Winnest #ICO #Crowdsale #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Token #ETH #Ethereum #TokenSale

#Winnest #ICO #Crowdsale #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Token #ETH #Ethereum #TokenSale
One of the main features of the Winnest platform is its integrated hierarchical system of user ranks that allows platform users to quickly increase their income

Providing a complete solution including a “wallet” and account management tools makes the use of the WNC accessible to everyone. #Winnest #ICO #Crowdsale #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Token #ETH #Ethereum #TokenSale

It’s still better to buy during the ICO than on an exchange!
We want to prioritise those who support us, make the project a reality, take more risk and will earn less if the token price falls… #Investment #ICO #WNC #Exchange #cryptocurrency

Qu'est-ce qu'une blockchain ?
Les réponses d’Olivier Marian co-fondateur et CSO d’Arteïa 📢
RDV tous les lundi et jeudi pour découvrir de nouvelles vidéos !
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PriceWNC = 0.005 USD Sale5,000,000,000 Payment ModeBTC, LTC, ETH, Fiat
Minimum Investment20 USD DistributionN/A RaisedN/A
Soft Cap3,500,000 USD Hard Cap20,500,000 USD

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