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ICO NameDexCheck
Start DateJune 20, 2022
End DateJune 25, 2022
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[DexCheck]( helps you with Real time DeFi / NFT Analytics and Insights to be ahead of the game. Know your way around trading Crypto currencies and NFTs to make decision based on knowledge with DexCheck

# DexCheck Platform Features:

**Chain Board:** ChainBoard provide users access to cognitive intelligence feed on network data metrics of the top-tier blockchains

**NFT Board:** NFT Board empowers users to explore and track trending NFTs with real-time trading volumes. Users can evaluate NFTs for their trend analysis, historical charts and previous transactions history.

**DexSwap:** DexSwap enables users to trade on several DEXs with the most suitable rate getting favourable results each time.

**Charts:** Our real-time charts permits users to track performance of their favourite coins along with getting history and other relevant data in a visually aesthetic and organized manner

**New Tokens:** New Tokens feature showcases the newly listed tokens on different DEXs enabling users to find the real hidden gems avoiding ponzi schemes

**Big Trades:** With Big Trades feature, users can keep themselves updated when a whale buy or sell a token enabling them to stay ahead of the game

**Wallet Tracking:** Manage, track, copy, and save the most profitable wallets all in one place.

**DexTAX:** Taking care of your crypto taxes to ensure a hassle-free crypto experience. Whether its an accurate crypto tax report, inventory tracking, or transaction organizing you want to get hold of- DexTax accommodates it all.

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💰When done right, anyone can earn money from #crypto overnight. But anyone can also lose money just as quickly because of scam projects!💸

⚠️Stay wary of fraud projects to avoid any more losses!

✅Rest assured that DexCheck only suggests legit projects! Better safe than sorry!

👋🏼Greetings, DexCheck community! Q3’s about to be our biggest quarter yet! Here’s a 👀sneak peek into our busy quarter:

✅DexCheck launch date🚀
✅Multiple integrations with various major blockchains
✅The start of our NFT analytics beta
✅#Crypto projects & NFT promotion tools

❌💪🏼The #crypto game isn’t a battle of the fittest— it’s a battle of the wits!🧠

📈Fact is, dumb luck can only take you so far while trading. What better way to wager your investments through data-based decisions?

✨Be informed & stay ahead of the game, only with DexCheck!

🧐When it comes to #crypto exchanges, there is no one size fits all— it’s up to you to find a platform that aligns with your goals!

💪🏼Decentralized or centralized, DexCheck can help you find a secure, accessible, & low-cost exchange that suits your #trading lifestyle!


🙌We have just opened multiple Competitive Positions to expand our team of developers!

Join our team! Click here for more info:

Positions available:

✅Front End Engineer
✅Solidity Engineer
✅DevOps Engineer

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