Best Bitcoin Transaction Fee Calculator

Welcome to the Current Bitcoin Transaction Fee Calculator!

This tool provides real-time insights into the Bitcoin Mempool, by tracking the total unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions and the fees associated with them.

The calculator can suggest the best transaction fee for your BTC transaction. This will prevent it from getting stuck and needing the Bitcoin Accelerator.

Bitcoin Fee Calculator

How to Use Bitcoin Fee Calculator

Enter Transaction Size:

  • Start by entering the size of your Bitcoin transaction in bytes into the “Enter transaction size in bytes” field. This size is a critical factor in determining the transaction fee.

If You Don’t Know Transaction Size:

  • If you’re unsure about the size of your transaction, you can typically find this information in your wallet or transaction details. A common transaction size is around 250 bytes.

Click “Calculate Fee”:

  • After entering the transaction size, click the “Calculate Fee” button. The calculator will fetch the latest fee data and provide you with a breakdown of fee rates and amounts.

Results Breakdown:

The calculator provides a detailed breakdown of fee rates and amounts, helping you understand the cost implications of your Bitcoin transaction. Click the tabs below for further information about the results table.

The top “Fee Rate” rows displays the fee in satoshi per byte. This number is multiplied by the transaction size to get the total fee paid. (Total amounts shown in the “Fee Amounts” rows)

  • Min: The minimum fee rate based on current network conditions.
  • Low: A lower-priority fee rate that may result in a slower confirmation time.
  • Medium: A standard fee rate for a reasonable confirmation time.
  • High: A higher fee rate for faster confirmation.

The three “Fee Amount” rows display the total amount of the fee in satoshi, BTC, and USD.

  • Satoshi: The fee amount in satoshis (the smallest unit of Bitcoin).
  • BTC: The fee amount in Bitcoin.
  • USD: The estimated fee amount in US dollars based on the current exchange rate.

Min and Max: The minimum and maximum fee rates based on the current network conditions.

Interpreting Results:

  • Choose Your Fee Level:
    • Consider your transaction urgency and choose a fee level accordingly. Usually you should use either the Low, Medium, or High amounts. Don’t pay less than the Min amount or more than the Max amount.
  • Review Fee Amounts:
    • Check the fee amounts in both Bitcoin and USD to understand the cost of the transaction.

Additional Tips:

  • Stay Informed:
    • Bitcoin network conditions can change, affecting fee rates. Stay informed about current network status for more accurate fee estimations.
  • Wallet Recommendations:
    • Some wallets provide fee recommendations. Compare the calculator’s results with your wallet’s recommendations for a more comprehensive view.


The Bitcoin Fee Calculator empowers you to make informed decisions about transaction fees, balancing cost and confirmation time. Use the provided information to optimize your Bitcoin transactions based on your preferences.

If you have any questions or encounter issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance. Happy transacting!